M.C. S.p.A. plays a main role in the field of industrial carpentry setting focus on the design and construction of steel structures, pressure and customized tanks, electrostatic precipitators, customized systems and special machinery, civil and industrial carpentry .

The company was founded in 2005 , formed by an heterogeneous group made of workers and professionals who have gained experience in keysectors such as:mechanical engineering , food processing, chemical, petrochemical, all of which are main working are as for M.C.S.p.A.

The previous personal experience of the members of the group, our determination in achieving ambitious goals, our determination of being not only a supplier but a great working partner, have contributed to the success of M.C.S.p.A.
Thanks to our good work we were able to include in our clients list world’s leading companies.

Our Company structure allows us to : create custom designed manufacts; design and production.
M.C. S.p.A. is the ideal partner to transform your needs in success.


M.C. S.p.A. provides theknowledge and skills of a good technical staff,combining the needs of the customer with business.Our solutions are the answer to the problems expressed by the Customer. Combined with design and productions, M.C. S.p.A. offers services such as surface treatment , transport, assembly and storage of goods

Our missione

Satisfaction, innovation, ethics and excellence are our keywords. Transforming our Customer needs into a success, is our goal.


M.C. S.p.A. believes that quality is an essential condition to ensure our company’s competitiveness and increase its leading role in the field.
Our company management had defined the following goals and is committed to pursuing them, assuring and verifying their application.

M.C. S.p.A. commits to:
1. Identifying customer needs and understand their expectations on time, assuring the necessary conditions to guarantee their full satisfaction;

2. Promoting information and updating for all employees regarding our business organization and the role and responsibility of each member of our team;

3. Enhance, engage and retain internal resources;

4. Establish a good level of communication, both internal and external, in order to obtain an effective flow of information;

5. Defining our quality goals, so that our quality policy can be transformed in concrete business actions;

6. Increase everyone’s active collaboration, keeping in mind that professionalism and competence are fundamental conditions for company’s success and customer satisfaction. Every field of M.C. S.p.A. serves others and every individual work contributes to the work of others.
Everyone at M.C. S.p.A. is responsible for the quality of their work;

7. Pursuing and monitoring the continuous improvement of all the processes of our quality management system.